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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Its been a long time since I'd had the focus to do some blogging but its about time I REALLY tried to restart.

The last few months have been very busy with work. We've been doing a lot more stuff for our major clients here in Australia and have also been going very hard at getting deals in the mobile space both in the US and Europe.

Much to our joy, we got some great news just prior to Xmas and we're now doing some great work with carriers in Europe and the US as well as major mobile providers in the US and Europe.

All this success has meant we have had our heads down delivering. We've hired a fantastic new team member as well which has made the world of difference.

Along with these developments, I've been working on what I consider one of the most interesting pieces of work I have done in a LONG LONG time. Its around mobiles, 3G, rich content, personalisation and self service. This project will launch in March and is going to be Very high profile here in Australia so its all great stuff.

One of the things I've noticed doing this work is the mindset of the mobile folks I have been dealing with; their terminology is very much around "content". Companies such as AgentArts are called "content partners" even if we're not delivering content so much as a service. Its all very old media companies trying to repurpose content for mobile devices. Personally, I find it quite a patronising term and hope that there is a change as more and more "content" on the 3G/2.5G services is not so much "content" related but rather "service" related.

Whille its nice to watch TV on your mobile and listen to music downloads on your mobile; there is a world of functionality such as banking, ebaying, emailing, alerting etc. etc. which aren't pure content and the providers who are building and running these services will less and less be referred to as "content" people.

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