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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Meeting with Oskar
This morning Oskar and I caught the tram into richmond then a train under the "big big tunnel" into the city. We were going to meet my mum and dad for coffee before I had an important meeting with Telstra.

My parents are usually very very prompt, when they hadn't arrived for coffee by 8:20 when they should have been there by 8 I started to wonder what was up. A quick call to their home and I found out they had slept in (due to jet lag) and I was going to be taken the youngest member of the AgentArts team to the meeting with me.

So off we set...into the Telstra building (all 42 floors of it) and signing in at reception before heading up the lifts past the security people and into the big conference room. I'd told Oskar beforehand it was an important meeting and he needed to be quiet and that I'd bought him a ABC magazine to read.

All the Telstra staff were absolute stars. They were very happy to have Oskar in the meeting and didn't seem to mind at all.

During the meeting which went for about 55mins, Oskar read his mag, talked a little, ate an apple, drew on the whiteboards, looked out the window and managed to reboot their computer in the middle of me given them an update demo on the development work we are doing for them...doh!!

Along the way were a few classic comments like "Daddy. I need to pee now" which forced a quick break to the meeting and sitting in my chair saying "I'm very busy".

All in all he tolerated it all very very well and I was so proud of him. The most important thing I saw today was how calm I am around him and how tolerant I am. My usual consulting bravado was much diminished and I was much more accepting of everyone and their work updates than I might usually be.

After that it was off to my office on the tram and bus...lots of cuddles on the way.

Next time you are in a meeting try pretending your 3 year old is there and how you would want him/her to see you. Being a hero and role model to your child brings new responsibilities not only towards them but also towards others.

Thank you Oskar you were a star and made today a very very special day for me!!

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