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Monday, February 02, 2004

One Sleep to go
And then its off to Finland and America for a couple of weeks!!!

The last week has been very hectic with demos and presentations to complete along with bits and pieces of other work to be done prior to leaving.

Its now early Monday morning and I'm feeling a little stressed about the whole thing but not too much. I always worry about my flights before leaving, mainly about the seating arrangements of all things. I trying to get a window seat up the back of the plane which gives me a little more leg room. If not that seat then a window seat will do.

Oskar starts back at swimming today then we're off to the pediatrician to discuss Oskar's behavior at times, which I must say has improved a lot in the last week. A combination of us ignoring him when he throws things or picking up Jasmine and going to another room when he is shouting at her. Without the attention he doesn't continue. Thanks Dr Green!

I've been consistent with my gym routine and diet for the last couple of weeks; no alcohol (except 1/2 a glass with Mum and Dad yesterday), no chocolate at all and working out a few times a week. My weight is down (1.5 kg) and I feel stronger'll be tricky keeping it out overseas but I think I'll manage.

My only "cheat" meal was a great Panettone that we had with Claire, Phil and Amelia yesterday. Yummy.

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