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Monday, February 16, 2004

Back homeAfter 16 hours of flying time, I'm back home with the family. My was it strange to hop off the plane into 31 degree heat after having been in -8 degree cold only 1 week ago.

The trip was great, Helsinki is a beautiful city and my time at eTech was very worthwhile. It was by far the best conference I have ever attended and I learnt quite a bit but I went away feeling a little let down. I guess I had huge expectations about it which may have been unrealistic.

After all the topics presented I feel as though I have a whole bunch of threads in my brain that I need to organise and give structure to in order to best make use of them. Key concepts of location, mobility (strangely not something covered by O'Reilly in his keynote), social interaction, emergent behavior and other cool things are racing around my head waiting for me to tie them together into some new projects.

I think this week will be spent re-reading the notes and presentations from eTech, making notes and trying to bring it all together, along with the next 3-4 month plan at AgentArts and trying my best to get Suzette to have some sleep and recover from 2 weeks of being a single mum.

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