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Thursday, January 01, 2004

The year that was
Well another great year has come to an end and a new one just begun. I attempt to live each year in such a way that I strive to have a better year than the last with better being measured in different ways each year.

2003 was a very family oriented year with the birth of Jasmine, working at home full time and sharing the care of the children with Suzette. Having two young children really has been the highlight of my year and life. For those not accustomed to having a young family, lack of sleep has been a common theme all year.

At least to be able to look back on this year and remember what was happening I've created my xyz of 2003 and a punt at what 2004 may hold.

Ben's xyz of 2003

Moment of the Year
- Jasmine's birth

Emotions of the year
- Seeing Jasmine for the first time
- Reading Miss JenJen's post about her habit
- Feeling expectant about terrorist attacks all year
- Bonding with Jasmine over the first 6 months of her life

Family moments
- Having Oskar and Jasmine smile and dive over me together in the mornings
- Working as a team with Suzette to look after and "manage" the kids
- Family hugs
- Laughing with Oskar and Suzette
- Giggling Jasmine

Work moments of the year
- Having a very positive last 5 months of 2003
- Stephen leaving AgentArts
- Getting funding from Nokia
- Being cash flow positive by the end of the year
- Securing a major Australian deal on Dec 30th
- Moving back into an office here

Webish Memories
- Launching BlogChangeBot and getting A-List coverage along with over 1000 subscribers
- Helping Suze launch Cosmicbuzz
- Discovering a whole eco-system of Melbourne Blogs
- Making new friends in the real world with online friends

Food Memories
- Sushi at Kenzan
- Cleaning whole squid
- Cooking a magnificent meal for Suze's birthday party

Song of 2003
- Clocks by Coldplay

Movie of 2003
- The Matrix Revolutions at the iMax in San Fran

Sporting Moments of 2003
- The second or third day in Le Tour with all three leaders Jerseys on the backs of Aussies
- England's Rugby World Cup win in the dying moments
- Brisbane going back to back to back

Technologies of 2003
- my iPod
- OS X in all its forms

Achievements of 2003
- 2 half marathons
- Surviving on so little sleep
- Being a major part of my children's day to day lives

Disappointments of 2003
- Sydney 1/2 Marathon. Cold, wet, poorly organised, hard and miserable
- Getting demotivated about exercise towards the end of year. A combination of tiredness and lack of goals

A few things for 2004 ..... more in planning at the moment

- Continue with AgentArts
- Spend time with the kids every day
- Pick up Oskar from Kinder
- Join a gym
- Save some money for investment
- Launch a new business with Suzette and others
- Get more sleep
- Have more sex, preferably with Suzette ;-)
- Get back into Swimming and riding

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