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Saturday, January 17, 2004

Phew....I'm blogged out!!!

I was selected to be a panelist to help pick the finalists for the 2004 Bloggies.

I had to review 10 categories each containing over 20 blogs so I've churned my way through some 200+ blogs this morning. I must admit after a while I start to get quite critical...much like when I have reviewed resumes...a bad first impression and they are out.

The upside is that I've discovered some great new blogs including greenfairy and Pussyranch.

Unfortunately I didn't get to select for Best Australian blog but I guess that makes sense given as how I'm sponsoring that category.

Let the voting begin.

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A while ago I built and ran Blog Change Bot - an AOL IM Bot which notified you when blogs you like are updated. I also built IcyPole, a bluetooth based P2P mobile phone app in 2004. With Suzette, I've built Playground Finder - a community contributed site for parents to find playgrounds nearby and while traveling for their kids to play in. Its a "playground" for my social, location, community and mobile interests.
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