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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

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Gosh... Its been ages since I sat down to blog and so much has been going on which at the time I thought I should have blogged about but alas, I've been looking after other bits of my life and have forgotten most of those things.

More and more I've been thinking about this whole Mobile, Social, Recommendation space and sparking off new ideas for work and play which I want to progress.

The latest is a finder cum recommendation service for childrens playgrounds which is now going to be a summer project. The elevator pitch is that its a web site and mobile phone service which will help parents find playgrounds when they are traveling be it over the other side of town on interstate. User will be able to upload photos and reviews of the playgrounds and add/edit details as they need to. Because you need a playground recommendation when you are away from your computer you'll be able to print out a handy wallet size playground rec list for you to take around and you'll be able to use your mobile to send a request via wap or sms (at a later date) to the service requesting details of playgrounds.

If you are interested in helping out in some way please drop me an email. We'll need lots of people to add details of their fave playgrounds around the place.

On the work front it looks like we'll be doing some J2ME work to build a music service demo for the nokia series 60 phones which sounds like a bit of fun. Also, we're playing around with the whole IM/Chat/Social Recommendation system to make use of our recommendations technology etc... Not a bad few geeky things to be working least it beats the hell out of being a middle manager working on billing or provsioning systems for a telco/utility company.

We're building up to the usual pre Xmas party season here which is accentuated by Oskar's birthday next month and his friends various parties too. I must say that there is only a limited number of 3 year old parties one wishes to attend so thankfully the mum's in the mothers group have organised one big party for the kids...although it sounds like all we'll be eating is roast chicken and potatoe salad (don't ask!! I think someone may have options in red rooster).

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