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Saturday, October 04, 2003

Nokia fun
As some of you may be aware...Nokia invested in my company, AgentArts, last month so now I'm rolling in cash which is rapidly being spent on expensive french champagne and sushi for the developers (thats me).....I WISH!!!

Anyway...part of the deal was the promise of many cool gadgets which have yet to appear but we'll probably get some phones later this month which will be ace. The current phone of choice would be the Nokia 3650 which is tres snazzy AND some people (with far too much time on their hands) have coded Commodore 64, Acorn, and ZX Spectrum emulators for them which is ummmm geeky cool but is it useful...playing Elite maybe??

But the best app I've seen so far (via Rael) is Anti-Mosquito which is an app for your phone which emits a high frequency tone which mosquito's don't like and repels them....perfect for Summer BBQs in Australia!!!

So Nokia...time to bring on the phones!! Oh and the new Nokia Kaleidosciope, Medallion, Image Frame and Music Phone....

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