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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Telstra Bigpond is pathetic
Begin Rant
We ordered Telstra ADSL to be connected to our new offices two weeks ago at the same time we ordered the actual lines to be installed.

I expected around 5 days for the lines to be installed...which was exactly as it was.

Given I have installed the ADSL at home and am quite technical I went with the self install option in which Telstra ship out the modem to you.

Last Thursday the stupid head on the phone said that the modem hadn't let been scheduled to ship and it should ship on Monday. Today I ring and they say it shipped today (Tuesday).

Unbelievable.....two weeks to get a modem shipped is terrible customer service...especially when the damn line was installed in 5 days!!!

NEVER AGAIN....Optus, ozemail, etc you have my business next time...SELL the stupid company Mr Howard and maybe they'll start sacking the people they need to sack to get to a level where they have good people left.

End Rant

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