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Monday, September 15, 2003

Old before your time
Today I got a document about items to be discussed with a 3rd party tomorrow morning. The 1st item on the agenda is a service I built probably 3 years ago. In other industries or maybe even in some sectors of the IT industry, one could hold up, as a shining light, "world's first" work done 3 years ago as being a great example of what we could do now.

In this sector and in this industry I feel dread at the prospect of having this brought up as the first item of conversation. I can see it now "Ben why don't you give xyz and overview of our WAP Music service?"....the old, I'll pretend to open the conversation up to you while backing you into a corner trick certain people are very prone to. I'll start given an overview to xyz, all the while thinking I should be saying..."This is what we did 3 years ago. As you know, technology has changed, and what we did 3 years ago really doesn't show any level of expertise in the current environment; and I'd be embarrassed for you and me if it was decided to go forward with something similar."

As I read somewhere recently...what was cool bleeding edge tech 12 months ago is boring COBOL like stuff today.

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