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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Divorce, work, qubes, cooking, sleep and dancing
Lance and Kristen getting divorced...its got to have been hard to keep the training and a relationship happening at the same time. I can only think of Ironman triathlon being a more selfish athletic pursuit than road cycling from a partner point of view. I keep thinking about the kids.

Things seem on the up workwise this week despite on of the founders leaving to have an exciting adventure in Kuwait of all places....but not until his band does a tour of syria performing!!!! It looks like our main client is going to be wanting our services for the next 1/2 year and the Nokia deal is starting to kick in so I'll probably have some cool work to get my brain around in the next month. All this AND we have a new office in Chapel street to move into next week....oh and did I mention we're getting iPods!!

Over the weekend I rebuilt ourGateway microserver using the original Cobalt Qube restore software. I followed the reinstall instructions kindly done by Brian at DSL Webserver and it worked first go. Now this is a small miracle for you non techie people (who have probably given up by now), as the install required downloading disk image, burning an ISO CD disk, connecting the PC to the Qube via a crossover cable, booting the cube with a special key command and then starting the PC booting off the CD into a Linuxish reinstall thing. So CD imaging, networking and remote self installing of an operating system all done in 15 mins (excluding download of image)!!!! AMAZING!! So with that done its time to install PHP and MySQL on it and start using it properly.

Here in Melbourne, Jamie "pukka tukka boy" Oliver has a TV show on every night at 7pm (a couple of weeks he had one every night plus a show on Tues for 1 hour and another on Wed......maybe he was trying to out do President Ed.....good luck!!!) and has been inspiring me to try some slightly new twists on current faves, so tomorrow its time for some new indian style yummy things. I also made another panettone this week but it wasn't as good as last times. I've promised one to Suzette for her birthday in a couple of weeks which will be much better and more polished!!

I'm sure you've heard this...but Oskar is sleeping through the night much better now. Its still not sleep in time but its better than waking at 4:30. Last weekend to celebrate we got him a lovely scooter like po's. He is very cute zipping around on it.

In other Oskar "Riverdance" Tex news.....I burnt a CD of Riverdance music for him yesterday. Since then every chance he gets he is dancing around saying "Like Michael" or "Like Collin". Its very impressive. Obviously he gets his dance skills from his Mum who was a bit of Calisthenics legend when she was younger (a member of the state champion's team) until she broke her back doing some flip thing. I however am obviously not made for dancing....swimming, riding and to a degree running is my forte. I've filmed him a bit on my little toy camera so I'll make sure he sees them in 20 years time.

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