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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Poor Blog Change Bot getting picked on
Check out this IM I had today with someone who has been eviling the poor blog change bot.

Ben - Please stop eviling the blog change bot
Ben - I am removing all your subscriptions now
Eviler - oh sorry
Eviler - ok
Ben - by eviling the bot it means that all other user (550+ or them) can't use the service
Eviler - oh ok
Eviler - i'm sorry
Eviler - i didn't know that
Eviler - it won't happen again
Ben - shall I leave your subscriptions or do you wish me to delete them??
Eviler - leave them please
Ben - ok
Eviler - thanks
Ben - was there a specific reason/message you were eviling the bot??
Eviler - no
Eviler - i was bored
Eviler - i'm sorry

Why do people do this??? How bored can people be??

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