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Sunday, July 06, 2003

AOL IM Robot
This weekend I've spent some time playing with the JAIMBot project. Its a Java based AOL IM interface which uses AOL's TOC protocol to IM enable your applications. Its very cool and worked straight away. The code is very very good. Its got all the bells and whistles I'd need including persistence, auto relogin etc.

So now my mind is running round with ideas on what to build with it that would be useful and teach me a few things. The application has to make sense in an IM environment which is pretty wide in scope, especially if you start to thing of new phones which have a built in IM client which can be more flexible than SMS. So far I've come up with the following ideas - Weather Report, Dictionary lookup, Directions, Server monitor, Music recommender, a Loebner Prize entrant and one related to blogs which I'm going to start on this week.

If you have AOL IM keep an eye out for robotneuronwave which is the account my development bots will run under.

If you have any other ideas please post a comment.

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