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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Vacant tiredness
Well it's been over a week since I last posted which is a fair indication of how I've been feeling over the last week. Hint - It's either that I'm really busy or really tired.

Since the race in Sydney I haven't felt like running at all and the few times I have gone out my legs feel tired, tight and lacking spring. Add to that the usual 7 week old baby sleep pattern plus the 2.5 year old boy management effort while trying to work from home and you probably get a good picture as to why I feel like I do.

I'm still aiming for the Marathon in October and need to focus on what I have to do to get there but at the moment the best I can do is think about running and try and get some good rest. Hopefully a bit of easy bike riding and some slow runs for the rest of the week, maybe not following any plan, will help get me back on track.

Aside from running...

The latest James Bond movie (Die Another Day) was released on DVD yesterday and my pre-order from Ezy DVD arrived this morning so its a BIG BIG James Bond night in the Hosken household tonight. I'm trying to convince all involved that sushi would go with the Martini but is 12o and a roast might suit better ;-)

Adding to the 007 feel about today, my James Bond 007 Space Pen I won on eBay a couple of weeks ago arrived today was well. Its one of those pens invented for millions of dollars by NASA to be able to write in zero gravity (funnily the Russians used a pencil), just the thing for noting my appointments in my filofax.

My eBaying has increased again and I've bid on a few DVDs recently and even managed a great deal on a Sherlock Holmes DVD at half retail (the seller made a pricing error) ;-)

On the work front, I've been working heavily on eMusic's backend adding support for user lists, spellign errors in search, and data mining wish lists to create recommendations for albums. I'm also datamining video rental histories (around 60 million of them) to see if we can make something to help you find videos in a new way. Busy but not super busy which is nice.

It looks like we'll be getting some $$ from a large telco based in Finland this month to try and apply some of our analytic techniques on various distributed computing networks, both public and private. This is really cool as I'll get to do some more interesting work and meet some cool people (like the guy who ran Morpheus). Overall, its a pretty damn good job I have...working from home with my iBook and looking at really interesting emerging technologies, something I'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere in Australia.

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