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Sunday, June 15, 2003

eBaying, running and Plans
Over the last few weeks I've gotten back into the old ebay habit, trying to win numerous Sherlock Holmes and James Bond items. I'm getting better at the set and forget ebay bid but I still get the rush in the last 60 secs when someone out bids me and I quickly bid..login in and confirm.

Since the Sydney 1/2 Marathon my running passion has dropped off a bit; I've had a couple of low level colds and have generally felt a bit sore and tired. I'm now trying to decide if I've bitten off too much in trying to do the Marathon this year given the family life efforts at the moment. I'll make a decision this week. (I'm leaning towards doing it but being less strict in my running and adding more cross training).

Along with the Marathon, I'm thinking lots about what I want to do/learn/achieve this year given AgentArts has (almost) some certainty to run through until August 2004 (touch wood). Having caught up with a friend last week I'm thinking of trying something non technical like wood working or something artistic as a night or weekend course. On the tech front, I want to learn CSS (starting with getting this site validating), Flash (focusing on programming not design) and Python. My aim being to get more familiar with rich internet apps with the aim of building some interesting in the game/immersive space arena. Aside from these things, I'm keen to push forward with the options trading plan as this is probably where my financial future sits.

So at the moment there is lots of thinking about things going on and trying to decide what the plans will be over the next 12 months.

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